O que 4 cadeiras têm a ver com as minhas criações na FLETS???

What does FLETS clothing have in common with the Allegra chair, a replica of the original piece developed by Phillip Stark in partnership with Eugeni Quitllet to honor 3 great names in modernist or even contemporary design for the time???

To understand, let's talk a little about:

  • Arne Jacobsen (1902 to 1971);
  • Charles Eames (1907 to 1978);
  • Eero Saarinen (1910 to 1961).

Arne: Danish architect and designer. He has in his history in the textile and furniture sector, being creator of the chairs ANT, SERIES 7, EGG and SWAN armchairs, who has been to Tok & Stok or Etna stores, for sure have seen or sat on a replica. Detailed, had elements of nature as inspiration, combining functionality and comfort. He introduced the concept of modernism in his country and his style with organic design still lives through the ages in pieces that remain current in our century.

Charles: American industrial and graphic designer. With his significant and notable creations in the world of modern furniture, in 41 he designed, in partnership with Eero, a piece to compete in the “Organic Design in Home Furnishingg”, an award-winning piece that employed a new wood molding technology, molded plywood, that is nothing but plywood. In 1952 he created the Eames Lounge Chair , this piece also that has already been to the two stores above, certainly already sat in a replica. He was also responsible for textile and chair designs that are still present today.

Eero: Finnish architect and designer who migrated to the US. Friend and partner in several projects with Charles Eames, he developed several avant-garde furniture. In 1956, he designed the famous Tulip Chair (as above) with a totally organic design and admirable beauty and functionality. His main contribution to design was to insert shapes, curves and organic.

 The Allegra Chair, is the fusion of 3 chairs in one, these 3 names of last century design.

A chair with a unique and contemporary design!! Organic and fluid forms that intertwine.

Beautiful, functional and comfortable!!

But so what??? Still don't get it???

Let's go into some more history.

In 1999 and 2000, I took a 360-degree turn in my design career!

Yes!!! 360 degrees!!!

But 360 degrees isn't turning and going back to the same place??

Yes!!! but with new challenges without losing my style of creating!!!

From a Graphic Design studio, FLTS Design to FLETS.

Creating pieces that were beyond my time was my challenge, as it was for Arne, Eames and Saarinen

I combined my academic background in the Design course at FAAP, with my sport, triathlon.

I envisioned a market with zero exploitation, a market for clothing with design, technology, performance and quality for sports practice, in particular triathlon, which did not exist!!

Many said I was crazy and would starve, triathlon?? This audience is tiny!! It's not going to work!! But what they didn't know is that triathlon is nothing, pedaling and running is Multisport.

I went ahead!! With the support of my family, who believed in my madness.

Some might be wondering, who does he think he is compared to 3 icons of modernist design?? Pretentious of him!!

 The answer is simple!!

These names, in addition to being inspiration for any Designer, the way they created their pieces, is the way I create mine... Always thinking ahead of my time, but without forgetting the origins and principles of Design Hand Made backwards...

I'm not pretentious or “the best of the best”, but I can say that together with FLETS, I have opened many paths, broken stones, barriers and paradigms for my time!!

My pieces are designed and thought not only in terms of aesthetics, but also in terms of functionality, in the organic, because the human body is organic and not straight!!!

Like the Allegra Chair, which was created from the fusion of 3 chairs from 3 visionary designers, the FLETS pieces will follow the style I believe in!!

Cuts that have meaning and functionality, seams in the right places, aesthetics and safety, development of new textile technologies and functional and organic modeling combined with comfort.

But... what about my connection to the chair??

Well... because I find them extremely contemporary, organic, charming, functional and fluid like the pieces I create!!


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